LG could be on the path to releasing its first Windows Phone 8.1 mobile. A photo of just such a device has appeared online with barely any bezel and the latest Windows Phone OS.

The photo of the smartphone leaked via @evleaks who is often accurate with all things Windows Phone. It could be a fake, of course, but does seem realistic owing to its button-free front. This may become a standard design for LG who should release a button-free G3 soon. It will use LG's Knock Code to unlock the device where the user taps corners of the screen in a certain order to awaken it.

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Earlier this year LG did tell Pocket-lint that it had no plans to release a Windows Phone soon. But with the Microsoft-Nokia merger under wraps who knows what kind of secrets were being kept back then. If this is real it may mean that LG is working on a Windows Phone which we may not see until the end of this year or even later.

LG is expected to unveil its flagship G3 handset this 27 May. Can we expect a Windows Phone announcement there too? We're not holding our breath.

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