LG has confirmed it will be rolling out its Knock Code feature to "key LG smartphones" starting with the G2 and the G Flex.

Knock Code is the next step from LG's KnockOn which uses a double tap of the screen to wake the phone before unlocking. Using Knock Code the phone can be unlocked directly from sleep.

The screen is segmented into four corners which the user taps in a certain order, as set by them, which directly unlocks the phone.

Knock Code is useful not only as a means of unlocking the phone faster but also as a way to avoid smear marks from swiping the screen. LG claims its 80,000 combinations are more secure than biometric finger recognition, without naming any direct competitors too obviously.

LG will be rolling out the Knock Code UX in the coming weeks with specific timings announced locally. The LG G2 and G Flex will be the first handsets to receive the update. After that the G Pro 2, G2 mini, F Series and L Series III will also receive updates.

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