Is this the LG G3 camera's photo output? That's what chatroom member "Geek" claims.

The feline photo was shared in the Ortud chatroom after a question about what smartphone to buy. This "Geek" character then uploaded the photo claiming it was taken by his friend who was testing the LG G3.

The photo is a 4160 x 2342 resolution image of a cat, looking pretty stoned.

The Exif data reveals the camera model as LG-D972. This isn't in use by LG on any other devices at the moment, claims Phone Arena. The source also claims that this is the same 13-megapixel camera found in the LG G Pro 2 which comes with optical image stabilisation.

While this is a very tenuous source and could very well be a photo from the G Pro 2, that new model number leads us to believe it may be legitimate. The source also claims we can expect to see the new LG G3 as soon as July this year.

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