LG has created a new advert for its bent G Flex smartphone, running under the title "the most human phone ever". The result is probably the most retch-worthy advert ever.

Running with the "human phone" concept, that the curve of the phone fits that of your face for a more natural calling experience. Removing the phone and superimposing a mouth and ear onto the hand results in some images that are rather disturbing. One caller, talking to his bearded friend, evokes memories of something you might have caught on TV late at night in your teens.

how not to sell smartphones lg s genital handed g flex advert image 2

If you can stand the barrage of "bro"-slinging cringeworthiness, there's a special treat for you at the end. Yes, there's a man kissing his hand mouthparts, with his "girlfriend"-hand saying she loves the taste of garlic. At least she's clean shaven.

Surely there's a better way to promote your rather unique phone than horrifying your customers? What were they thinking?