LG says that it has turned to a natural technology found in chickens to help it better stabilise the camera on the new LG G2 smartphone.

That's the premise of a spoof video the Korean company has created that features a cameraman on the look out for the best optical image stabilisation technology before turning to the humble farm bird for inspiration.

According to the videographer in the video, having tried a number of different options to get a steady shot, he created Galluscam.

"What I was looking for was something comfortable, durable, and super lightweight," spouts the main man in the video, showing off a helmet his pet chicken, Izzy, can wear. 

What ensues is a number of scenarios, including concerts, a ride in a speedboat and more where the chicken is at the front of the action capturing everything smoothly.

While LG isn't promising to including a chicken inside every LG G2, it's Optical Image Stablisation features promise to deliver a level shot every time.