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(Pocket-lint) - Showing no fear, YouTube sensation Marques Brownlee took a knife to the back of his new LG G Flex to test the self-healing feature, and he got some impressive results. 

It turns out LG's technology isn't just a marketing gimmick - scratches actually heal. Simulating real-world occurrences, Brownlee took a pair of keys to the back of the smartphone. And the scratches healed up quite nicely. Being in a cold climate, the self-healing process took a while - that is, until Brownlee warmed the back of the phone with a little friction, which seemingly speeded up the process. 

Getting a bit daring, Brownlee used a knife on the back of the handset to make a deep gash, and even that healed pretty well after a few hours. The scratch wasn't completely taken away, but it looked better then any phone he's tested to date, he says on YouTube. 

The LG G Flex took the world by storm last month when it was announced as the second handset with a curved display after Samsung's Galaxy Round. LG is the first company to include self-healing technology, and by all accounts, it seems to work pretty well for a first-time technology on the market.

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The LG G Flex is currently available to customers in South Korea, with plans for a release soon in the US and eventually the UK. Does this self-healing technology make it an enticing option? 

Writing by Jake Smith.