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(Pocket-lint) - Some are suggesting that the next battleground for smartphones will not be about the size of their screens but the curvature. Both LG and Samsung have announced new devices with curved OLED displays, with a dispute on what type of bend is best, but only one of them has gone further in its quest to build rounded technologies.

To get the bend in the LG G Flex so that it curves around best when the phone is held in landscape mode, the company had to also figure out a way to have the internal components sitting on the curve. And with the largest being the battery it meant that a way had to be found to ensure the dependability and durability of the cell, but in a curved form factor.

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We've written about it before, but Pocket-lint has now seen a picture of the battery that was designed specifically for the phone; a world's first.

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"World's only curved smartphone battery for LG G Flex," posted LG's Ken Hong at @visitken, along with the picture of the new battery alongside a conventional one.

There might not really be more to it than that, but it's definitely of interest as surely LG will want to make full use of the amount of research and development that must have gone into just producing that one piece of technology. To us, it says more curved smartphones should be expected. And possibly outside of Korea. That's the exciting bit.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 15 November 2013.