LG has revealed to a Korean site that it has already entered mass production with a curved smartphone featuring a flexible OLED display. The LG Z will be a high-end Android handset and there are claims that it will launch in its homeland later this month.

The website ZDNet writes that its sources say the device will have a flexible display, but it will be mounted on a fixed shell. The phone, therefore, will be a solid structure, but curved - much like the curved OLED TV LG recently released.

Sources also claim that the curved nature of the phone will be better for gaming and movie watching, but we're yet to really find out why that is. A curved structure is also said to feel more natural in the hand. Certainly, LG has used similar terminology recently when describing the LG G2's volume rocker on the rear.

The claims also state that the phone will borrow flagship specifications from the recently released LG G2, including the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. The only stumbling block at present is the battery substrate, which is not naturally designed to be curved.

If the sources are correct we should hear more about the LG Z soon. And we might even get to see it. Until then you'll have to make do with a picture of the LG G2 bent by Photoshop, as that is clearly what the accompanying "leaked" picture is of.

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