The Firefox OS mobile, built by LG, might have just been spotted on the Federal Communications Commission database listed as the LG D300g.

This particular model number was rumoured to be the Firefox OS mobile, so to see it crop up at the FCC phase suggests it could be on its way at last.

The handset is shown featuring Wi-Fi, GPS and 850/1900MHz frequencies, suggesting LTE connectivity. LG has shown its support for the Firefox OS in the past and has also had a lucrative partnership with Google for the Nexus 4 so it would seem like a well versed choice for Firefox to go with as hardware manufacturer.

In typical LG style this handset appears to be of a 4:3 aspect ratio at 66.5mm by 118.3mm. And according to the UAP file for the LG D300 it will come running Firefox OS. But with the FCC holding D300f and D300g models also we're expecting a variety of handset options when the Firefox OS mobiles launch - an interesting tack that's different from Google's single Nexus option. Could that make it more appealing? We'll have to wait and see.