LG will announce is next flagship Android smartphone in New York on 7 August and has so far released brief glimpses and teasing videos and pictures of the device. Now it has released pictures of the LG G2's first big accessory, the QuickWindow Case, ahead of the main event.

Anybody who's seen Samsung's S View Cover for the Galaxy S4 will notice similarities. They both have a window which, when the smartphone is covered, shows part of the screen. The smartphone then determines what it shown through that clear section as a magnet in the case tells it that the cover is shut.

The Samsung version showed a slot with the time and alerts, but was fairly downplayed. LG's QuickWindow however, can display different modes, including a clock, weather report, alarm, music player, incoming phone details and text messages. It isn't on permanently, so doesn't waste battery, but can be activated with a swipe of a finger on the open window.

"LG's newest premium accessory delivers practical and stylish options while protecting the smartphone, which for many consumers is a significant investment," said Dr Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG's mobile division.

"Our smartphone designers have in mind the type of case they'd like to see on their designs. So it made a lot of sense for LG designers to share with our customers their vision of the perfect accessory."

It will come in seven colours - black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint and yellow - and will be available at the launch of the G2.