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(Pocket-lint) - LG will release a flexibile OLED smartphone later this year. Yoon Bu-hyun, the company's vice-president of mobile, has confirmed the handset will be launched sometime around Q4 of 2013. Whether or not this handset will materialise as the Optimus G2 remains to be seen.

Pocket-lint did recently learn from LG that the G2 was planned for a Q3 launch, being told it was "something special, something unique, something you will want to buy".

A flexible OLED phone definitely sounds like something we would want to buy. LG has been working on producing flexible OLED screens for a while now. Samsung stole the limelight somewhat when it emerged that the company had a prototype curved OLED handset doing the rounds at its CES keynote. 

Pocket-lint recently spent a week with LG in Korea and the company's brazen determination to be first to the market with anything, be it washing machine or phone, was certainly noticeable. As such, we wouldn't be surprised if the company did manage a curved OLED phone before the rest of the competition.

The company has also planned to launch curved OLED TVs this year, which are likely to be extremely expensive, given that the standard 55-inch LG OLED set retails for £10,000. LG has so far sold only 200 of the units in Korea in two months of sales. Expect a curved OLED smartphone to be similarly pricey.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.