LG has invited members of the media to its press event in Barcelona on 25 February to show us some new hardware. Over the past week, the company has been extensively teasing new devices. That hasn't stopped with its latest video teaser.

In the video, LG flies the letters L, G, V and F across the screen - perhaps hinting four new handsets are slated for announcement.

Given the company has already revealed the new Optimus L handset and Optimus G Pro this month, room may be left for a new Vu handset and something that fits well with the letter F which hasn't been introduced to LG's lineup as of yet, but has been rumoured.

Also teased in the video are NFC tags, which might play a roll in the new handsets in some capacity. We could also hear more about the NFC tags LG unveiled at CES 2013

At any rate, we'll be on the show floor bringing you the latest, in typical Pocket-lint fashion. LG will be holding its press event on 25 February at 8am, so make sure to stay tuned.