South Korea-based LG announced the sale of 15.4 million mobile phones during the fourth quarter of 2012, 8.6 million of which were Android handsets. 

Lead by premium handsets like the Optimus G, Nexus 4, L-Series and Optimus Vu 2, the mobile unit saw a 7 per cent increase in sales and revenue of $2.58 billion. 

LG detailed that consolidated revenue, combining the mobile, home entertainment and appliance units, topped $45.22 billion and net profit hit $80.75 million. The company saw a a 6 per cent revenue decrease in 2012 compared to 2011, but operating profit in 2012 increased to $1.01 billion from $342.06 million in full-year 2011.

LG further reported that flat-panel TV shipments came to 9.3 million units in the fourth quarter, a 17.4 per cent revenue increase from the last quarter. The increase was most likely due to the Christmas shopping season. 

Hyping 2013, in the earnings release LG announced plans for a new line of F-series handsets. No details or availability were specified, but the company said it "plans to increase smartphone revenues and market share by launching follow-up devices to Optimus G and the L-series as well as the new F-series".

Pocket-lint will be in attendance at Mobile World Congress 2013 where LG smartphone announcements may hit the trade show floor.