The Nexus 4 has been revealed inadvertently by Carphone Warehouse ahead of Google’s big 29 October launch in New York.

The listing provides details of all the specs, many of which match those that have leaked this past month, while the image is of the same one @evleaks posted on Twitter earlier today, complete with the two yet to be explained "92" figures in the top left-hand corner of the display.

Though the phone is manufactured by LG, it will simply be known as the Nexus 4.

Sporting a 4.7-inch HD display, the Nexus 4's resolution is 1280 x 768 with a pixel density of 320ppi, all of which is protected by a Gorilla Glass Display. Measuring 68.7 x 133.9 x 9.1 mm, the weight and battery life is yet to be confirmed.

Though the Carphone Warehouse listing claims the Nexus 4 will run Android 4.2, in the breakdown of features it has the handset marked as Android 4.1.2. Either way, as predicted, be it 4.2 or 4.1.2 it will simply be an upgrade to the existing Jelly Bean OS, rather than the new Key Lime Pie.

The Nexus 4 will come in black, sport an 8-megapixel camera with 360-degree panoramic capture mode and NFC. All of which will be powered by a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor.

With just 8GB of on-board storage and no microSD card, Google appears once again to be banking on users opting to store their media content and files in the cloud.

A similar approach was taken with the Nexus 7 tablet device, though Google found there was a higher demand for the 16GB models than for 8GB, so the Nexus 4's limited memory is a tad surprising.

Carphone Warehouse’s website is taking pre-orders now, starting free for £31 a month, with a delivery date cited as 30 October. According to the site, the phone will be available on both O2 and Vodafone, though this is yet to be confirmed by either operator.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this page gets taken down as soon as Google hears about it.

UPDATE It would appear word has got back to Google HQ and Carphone Warehouse's premature reveal of the Nexus 4 has now been removed. We'd imagine someone somewhere has a bit of explaining to do. - PAY MONTHLY PHONES The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now available on EE who have been awarded the UK’s best network for the fifth year running. RootMetrics tested the four UK networks and EE was faster and more reliable than all of them, with better data performance. Their network has come a long way since they launched in 2012. Back then they had 11 UK cities covered by 4G. Today they cover most of the UK’s land mass, thanks to 19,000 state-of-the-art 4G sites. They’ve got faster, too – from 50Mbps to a maximum speed of 400Mbps. And they’re soon to experience even greater possibilities with the launch of 5G.

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