The odds on Google’s next Nexus phone being made by LG have been slashed after a device named the "LG Nexus 4" was listed in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory. 

A photo of the entry was sent to The Verge and indicates the phone will be arriving in both black and white variants. Sadly, that’s all there is to go on and as Carphone Warehouse’s inventory is an internal system, there’s every chance that the phone may be released with a different name. 

Yet it supports the claim that LG is lined up to produce the next Google Nexus device, which could be a reworking of the LG Optimus G and could even be with us by November.

lg nexus 4 confirmed by carphone warehouse inventory image 2

However, should the LG Nexus 4 prove true, will it be the only Nexus phone to arrive before the end of the year? Many believe Google will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Android by unleashing five Nexus devices. 

Google did announce earlier in the year that it was looking at partnering with multiple OEMs for future Nexus devices. Perhaps the LG Nexus 4 is just one of them? 

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