Pictures of what is claimed to be an LG-manufactured Google Nexus phone have leaked from Russia, if the text on the screens is anything to go by.

The LG Nexus has been rumoured for a while, with some reports suggesting that one person claims to have handled such a device and others saying it will essentially be a reworked Optimus G. There have also been murmurings that LG may not be the only manufacturer working on a Nexus handset, and that Google may be casting a wider net for the next branded smartphone.

could this be the lg nexus smart money says yes  image 2

Either way, if these pictures turn out to be kosher, the LG Nexus will mark a departure for the South Korean company, with the rounded corners breaking away from the design DNA of the Optimus range of Android handsets.

The only other thing we can really gather from the pics is that the leaked phone/prototype comes with Jelly Bean on board. Whether that will be the case come launch time, we shall see.