The chief executive of LG Display has confirmed that a new thinner display is in mass production as the assembly of the new iPhone 5 hots up.

LG, along with Sharp and Japan Display Inc, is expected to supply a new Retina display for the next-generation iPhone that is likely to be unveiled on 12 September before being rolled out on 21 September.

The displays will be the thinnest ever used by Apple and will feature in-touch panels that are made up of tiny touch sensors built within the liquid-crystal display.

"We had some hard times [in developing the new in-cell technology] at first...but it seems those hard times have finally ended," said Han Sang-beom, LG Display's chief executive. "We just began mass production and we don't expect any disruption in supplies."

The iPhone 5’s display is believed to be 30 per cent bigger than previous models, measuring four-inches corner to corner.