LG has introduced a new oven that enables users to cook on the go, using their smartphone to set cooking times and control the temperature.

The LG Lightwave Oven uses halogen light technology and can be used as a microwave, grill, convection and fermentation oven - or even for toasting.

Using an app downloaded to your smartphone, with a few key presses you can cook a meal even when you’re not at home - as long as you’ve remembered to put food in the oven.

The LG Lightwave Oven is available already in Korea and is expected to be rolled out to other parts of the world. 

Everything Everywhere and AGA Rangemaster launched the AGA iTotal Control oven earlier this year, enabling customers with an Orange SIM card to turn the oven on and off via text message. However, AGA’s offering comes at a much steeper £10,090, whereas the LG Light Oven is retailing for around £474.

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