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(Pocket-lint) - LG will begin rolling out its 2012 Android Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone, the LG Optimus 4X HD, throughout Europe (including the UK) from June.  

The phone, LG’s first Quad-Core smartphone, was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February and after months of behind-the-scenes tweaking it’s finally ready for shipping.  

With Samsung unveiling its own quad-core smartphone in the form of the Galaxy S III, LG is hoping the Optimus 4X HD’s NVIDIA 4-PLUS-1 Quad-Core processor, the Tegra 3, will be able to compete in terms of speed, power and the ability to run multiple applications and features simultaneously.  

Tegra 3 will run on all four cores, until the phone reverts to standby, when it will power down to battery-saving mode.  

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LG has already begun talking about a future upgrade -  called Eco-Mode - that will enable users to  shut down any of the Tegra 3’s cores manually, thus giving some more oomph for the remaining open cores. While this is an attractive idea in theory, we’d like to think the quad-core processor would be able to handle our needs without reverting to this.  

The high-definition display is big, 4.7-inches big in fact, which bodes well for the nifty multimedia features LG has bundled into the Optimus 4X HD.  

"Live Zooming" enables users to zoom in and out of a video, using the pinch-and-pull method, while it is playing and "Thumbnail List Play allows you to scroll through thumbnails of your videos while playing another video in full screen.  

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Specific video frames can be selected by touching the progress bar, while clips can also be played in all manner of playback speeds.  

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The camera itself has an 8-megapixel sensor that will take shots both before and after you’ve completely pressed or let go the shutter button, providing a choice of what snaps you keep.  

LG has also kitted the Optimus 4X HD with a Mobile High Definition Link and DLNA allowing you to play any content you have stored on the phone to a TV or other compatible home entertainment system.  

LG is remaining tight-lipped on both pricing and which operators will be taking the phone, but Pocket-lint will be sure to keep you posted when we hear anything.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.