Not content with bothering our tight pockets with the 5-inch phablet that is the Optimus Vu, LG has also unleashed the LG Optimus LTE Tag - an Android smartphone all geared up for some NFC loving.

The Tag part of the moniker comes as a result of this being the first handset from the Korean company to boast LG's Tag+ technology. This new feature allows you to team up your handset with NFC stickers (or tags) for automatic and easy settings changes.

Stick one on your office desk, for example, and you can have the phone switch to silent once you swipe it. Have a tag stuck to your car's dashboard and you can have Bluetooth turned on, or save some battery over night by switching Wi-Fi off with a cleverly placed sticker on your bedside cabinet.

As well as the NFC tech, this is a decent sounding handset, hardware wise. The screen resolution - 4.3 inches and 800x480 - may not be anything to get too hyped up about but it is an IPS display and the performance should be good thanks to its 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

It's Android 2.3 for now although a 4.0 update is in the works. There's 16GB of storage, a 5-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3-megapixel one on the front. Battery life should be okay thanks to the 1,700mAh power pack. From the name, you should have already realised this is another LG LTE handset.

No word on pricing or availability yet but, as ever, we'll keep you posted.