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(Pocket-lint) - LG's 3D game converter is almost here, transforming 2D apps into three dimensional experiences on its glasses-free Optimus 3D handset.

The software is due to arrive this month in Europe, with the rest of the world getting the download over "the next several weeks", LG has announced.

The 3D game converter works by turning Open GL based smartphone games from 2D into 3D, using a clever piece of software code. You can then flick between 2D and 3D on the fly. It is a big deal for Optimus 3D owners, who have struggled to find many apps to enjoy the glasses free gaming experience possible on the handset.

You are going to need the game running in landscape mode, so no portrait action we're afraid. It also absolutely has to be Open GL based, which thankfully many apps are. 

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Check for updates in the Optimus 3D's settings menu to see whether 3D game converter has arrived where you are. It should be going live on handsets in Europe at the start of this month. 

LG also has another planned update for the Optimus 3D that will bring things like a 3D Video Editor, Dolby Mobile, 2D video stabilisation and 2D viewing of 3D videos. 

Good on LG for supporting the Optimus 3D with so many updates, we like new features being added for free at Pocket-lint. 

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.