How do you fancy a new flagship phone from LG to satisfy your Android cravings? No, we're not talking about the LG Optimus Q2 that was announced on Monday in Korea - but the LG Optimus LTE, pictured here in action.

The Optimus LTE is a lazy moniker given to the model number LG LU6200, on the basis that it has 4G LTE connectivity. We think LG Optimus 4G would have been more snappy - but hey, we're not responsible for making up names for unreleased handsets.

Apart from the ambiguity over the name, we do know - or at least rumours suggest - that the LU6200 will blow the LG range out of the water when it does gain officialdom, thanks to having the most powerful dual-core CPU LG has ever used, an AH-IPS 4.5-inch LCD display with a 1280x720 resolution, an 8-megapixel camera and an 1830mAh battery.

Oh, and Hadouken! This phone will apparently be the first beneficiary of LG's Street Fighter IV deal. Sonic boom indeed.

No word on an official release as of yet, but it's expected to hit Korea on the U+ network first. We'll keep you posted with Western world release details.