Remember the funky looking LG dual screen phone, with an air of mystery, that Pocket-lint spied at an event back in June?

At the time we suggested that the handset may come to market as the LG Flip II, the LG Maxx Q, or possibly even the LG Q or LG Optimus Slider - and we also stated that it could well end up being a US exclusive.

The Flip II seems like the most common moniker amongst tech commentators at this point and the US angle looks likely too - with Pocketnow claiming to have "solid evidence that the innovative dual-screened device is indeed coming to T-Mobile US". It also has a couple more snaps of the phone in question.

Back in May, This is My Next reported on a leaked T-Mob roadmap and dated the LG Flip II for a 14 September release.

There's nothing official though at this point, and no word yet as to whether we might see the wacky looking device on this side of the pond, but with extra clues now added to the equation we're hoping that it won't be long until we have some official news to bring you.