As we exclusively told you back in February, Angry Birds is to make its 3D debut on the recently released LG Optimus 3D smartphone. The uber successful app is headed to the hardware in an upscaled version of the original this October.

Also confirmed is an October Android 2.3 update, bringing with it the ability to convert 2D apps and games to 3D. 

This means you can transform Angry Birds into the third dimension as soon as the update hits. Any Open GL based application can take advantage of the conversion function. 

The Inquirer is reporting that LG made the decision to ship the Optimus 3D without the latest version of Android in order to be the first to get a glasses free handset to market.

No news as of yet as to HTC Evo 3D Angry Birds plans unfortunately, but if the app can run on one Android handset, there is no reason why it can't manage another.