Last years WP7 could be this years Mango powered revamp by the looks of things. According to Pocketnow, LG is planning a fruity refresh to its Optimus 7, slapping the OS update on it and calling it the E906.

The original Optimus 7 bears the product number E900, bringing it mighty close with a UAProfile for an unknown LG device, the E906. The Mango update is made clear by the internet browser update listed from IE7 to IE9. 

It is entirely possible that the E906 could be a completely new piece of hardware, the model number however is so close to the Optimus 7 that it is unlikely. 

With Nokia set to enter the Windows Phone 7 fore relatively soon it looks like manufacturers are scrambling to up their game with an OS that is yet to properly take off. The rumours that Samsung is in the process of making a WP7 powered version of its Galaxy SII appears to back this. 

With all eyes currently trained on Nokia and its first WP7 release, expect serious pieces of hardware to be announced by competitors. 

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