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(Pocket-lint) - This T-Mo LG phone caught our eye because of the display between the keys which made us think “better look this one up, probably a US exclusive handset”. Exclusive indeed.

Nestling between the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a secondary touchscreen and in our exploratory prods it did exactly what you’d expect - launch the apps positioned on it as shortcuts. Two of the eight spaces are left blank and ready to be assigned. We didn't have enough time with the phone to see if it did anything else, apart from offering those shortcuts.

It’s fairly hefty device, fatter than the Milestone 2, with LG being fairly generous with the bodywork. It bears some of the same design cues as the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q around the front speaker, and picks up the four touch controls under the screen as we saw on the LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black

The camera on the back is LED supported but there are no markings to indicate what MP it might pack in, and LG usually label their cameras, so we’re guessing it isn’t final hardware.

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We’re hoping it isn’t final hardware as there was noticeable movement between the two halves of the phone when closed, more like holding a burger than the tight lines of the HTC Desire Z or the Motorola Milestone 2.

We don’t know what the screen resolution is, but it didn’t immediately strike us as being spectacular like the Optimus 2X does, although that could simply be down to early build software - the device still had some of it's protective film on, so it was obviously recently lifted from the box.

Why so light on the details?

This mystery T-Mobile branded LG handset appeared when Orange and Kineto Wireless held a small event in London to demonstrate Kineto’s Smart WiFi solution, which powers Orange’s Signal Boost technology. 

Kineto Wireless have worked with T-Mobile in the US to add their Smart WiFi function to a number of devices which is where the LG Mystery Q comes in, as it was nestled in amongst a wide range of devices, many specific to the US and not seen in the UK. When we asked the rep manning the table he didn’t know much about the handset at all, but mentioned the name Flip II.

We're still trying to confirm a name for the device precisely, but the leaked T-Mobile (US) document points to a couple of forthcoming LG devices - there is the LG Flip II and the LG Maxx Q included. There are other rumours about an LG Q or LG Optimus Slider (linked to Sprint), of course, the same format device might have different names on different carriers. We've asked some of our contacts and drawn a few blanks, but if we find out more we'll update the details.

So there we have it, a few pics of a phone we've not seen before, and great sense of remorse that we didn’t have longer with it to find out all the details.

Do you recognise the mystery LG phone? Let us know in comments below.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 16 April 2013.