LG has confirmed that it will be stocking a white LG Optimus 2X when the phone hits stores in the UK in February.

Those excited by what is likely to be the first dual-core handset on the market will not only be able to get the phone in black, but also in white.

“World's first dual-core smartphone - LG Optimus 2X - now available in Korea, white version coming in Feb,” said LG marketing head honcho Ken Hong on Flickr.

Ever since Apple failed to release a white version of it’s iPhone 4, manufacturers have been keen to create phones in white rather than black. Even though Motorola recently told Pocket-lint that its research suggests that the North American market is moving away from the "non-colour".

The LG Optimus 2X follows a long line of white phones launched recently, including the BlackBerry Torch, Samsung Galaxy S and the LG Optimus One.

The news comes as the Optimus 2X goes on sale in Korea.