If you were worried that the official unveiling of the LG Star as the LG Optimus 2X meant an end to the LG Android device rumour mill, and you'd therefore have to find some other way of filling your day, then fear not because there's a new kid in town.

The LG B has been spotted by Android-lovers Phandroid, spotting an incredibly bright screen (B for bright perhaps) as well as a super-slim figure.

The snaps show the B up against the Samsung Galaxy S and an iPhone 4 and, although photos of displays are never too reliable, it looks far brighter than its opponents. A leaked spec sheet suggests a 700-nit rating, compared to 300-nit for the Galaxy S and 500-nit for the iPhone 4.

There are no other useful specs at the moment unfortunately, but the pictures do show that it's a smidgen thinner than the iPhone 4.

There's no launch details at present, but Phandroid is hoping for more info to break at CES. And so are we - LG's handsets, particularly the Optimus range, are really starting to create a buzz in the mobile market and we'd welcome another strong contender.