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(Pocket-lint) - Speaking during its South Korean press conference on Tuesday 14 September, LG declared that "Android will become the dominant platform in the smartphone market", which, to be honest, isn't hugely difficult considering the number of different manufacturers embracing the OS in comparison to the one manufacturer carrying Apple's iOS.

However, that doesn't mean that LG is going to stick with Android. Indeed, when quizzed about whether its new Optimus range would feature other operating systems, Dr Scott Ahn, CEO and president of the company's Mobile Communications division hinted at the adoption of other software:

"The Optimus range will represent all of the smartphone category for LG. No matter the operating systems they run on".

"[It] symbolises a new beginning for LG in the smartphone arena, and we will be very aggressive to attain top position".

Obviously, he was referring to Windows Phone 7, as LG has already been announced to be one of the launch partners - presumably with a new handset coming on 11 October (the date Pocket-lint exclusively revealed as the OS' launch).

So, putting two and two together, that means that the LG E900, dubbed the LG Panther or LG Pacific - the names bandied around for the company's first WP7 phone - will be the LG Optimus Panther or LG Optimus Pacific.

Time, and not much of it, will tell.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.