LG has officially outed one of its Windows Phone 7 launch handsets, the LG Optimus 7, in a press release detailing the handsets DLNA capabilities.

It's a phone that we knew of (up until now it had been referred to as the LG E900), but its IFA airing is the first official confirmation we've had.

The device has pre-installed DLNA tech, whereby you can share your videos, photos and so on, across your home network from within the phone's apps.

"This unique feature is a direct response to the growing need for technologies that empower users to share multimedia content across electronic devices", said Mr. Seong-jin Park, VP of mobile handset R&D at LG.

"LG Optimus 7 smartphones will be at the centre of a complete entertainment experience, representing LG's leadership in mobile convergence".

The statement doesn't really tell us anything more than that, so I guess we'll just have to wait until the mystery LG Optimus event that Pocket-lint has been invited to on 14 September for more info on LG's Optimus line-up.

One thing's for sure, the device on the event invitation isn't the Optimus 7 - could it be the Optimus Pad?

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint to find out.