LG has well and truly stuck its flag in the Microsoft camp with yet another Windows Phone 7 device turning up.

Fresh from the news of the Windows Phone 7 boasting E900 and C900, the LG GW910 has been named and, as far as we can tell, this is the latest version of the LG Panther that Pocket-lint got its hands on back in May.

The GW910 has a slider QWERTY keyboard, like the C900 - but apart from that very little is known.

But what we do know is that Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 does look to be a much nicer experience than IE on previous Windows Mobile incumbents.

A video has surfaced showing off a browsing session on the GW910 (even though the guy in the video claims it's not a finished version of an official handset) which shows IE on WP7 will support six tabs (in the background like Safari on iOS) but no Flash or HTML 5 at present.

The video also compares browsing on the GW910 to an iPhone and a Nexus One, although that does seem a bit pointless considering the chap in the video explains that it isn't a finished version of the browsing software on the Windows device.

We at Pocket-lint are very excited by Windows Phone 7 - we're hoping it can be a serious rival to iOS, BlackBerry and Android. The smartphone party is in full swing and the more people invited the merrier we say. Let's just hope that Microsoft gets it right this time.