The LG C900 is LG's Windows Phone 7 effort due out later this year and it, like other handsets, has broken cover on Friday thanks to someone who, most likely, has a bevy of handsets on their desk and is keen to share with the world.

The LG smartphone will come with a four-row keyboard, the defacto three-button Windows Phone 7 configuration (this time two touch sensitive and one hard), and a large screen waiting to be pressed if you can't be bothered to pull out that keyboard.

The images show AT&T, which could suggest that the US operator has created either a dedicated app or, as Pocket-lint broke earlier in the year, an entire hub for people to access a plethora of AT&T information from.

The good news, from a UK perspective, is that if this is on AT&T then chances are the LG C900 will be heading to the UK as it's likely, although not confirmed, to be Quad-band when it comes to dialling in to your favourite network.

We will keep you posted.