LG has announced three new touchscreen smartphones, squarely aimed at younger users looking to ditch their basic handsets and get involved with the touchscreen revolution - albeit without breaking the bank.

The budget LG Wink range, which consists of the LG Wink itself, the LG Wink Style and the LG Wink 3G, have a heavy emphasis on music, texting and social media, all of the things that "Generation Z" are interested in - at least that's what LG hopes.

Not surprisingly the phones are pretty customisable with a choice of colour options and a raft of personalisation features within the devices. 

The make-up of the phones' operations seems to be pretty consistent across the range with only minor cosmetic and hardware differences separating the three devices.

The LG Wink has a 2.4-inch touchscreen, with the Wink Style adding accents on the front buttons and an extra 0.4 inches of screen real estate. The Wink 3G adds, you guessed it, 3G connectivity for faster data transfers.

All of the phones have a virtual QWERTY keyboard, that works in both portrait and landscape modes, media playback via the microSD slot, FM radio and a "fun cartoon-styled user interface".

LG said:

"Just as a wink is an affectionate means of communication between close friends, LG Wink Series was designed primarily for young mobile users who enjoy expressing themselves in unique and stylish ways whether by phone or one of today's most popular social networking tools".

The phone is due out in the UK and the rest of Europe this month. As of yet there has been no details regarding pricing, but if LG's previous budget ranges such as the Cookie and the POP are anything to go by then expect to see PAYG handsets for around £60-£80.

Update: The Wink will be renamed to the Cookie in the UK.