A survey carried out by electronics giant LG suggests that British smartphone users spend an average of £3.20 a month on mobile apps. With 11 million smartphones said to be in use in the UK, that's a whopping £422.2 million a year.

The most popular apps, according to the survey, are the ones that aim to save people money - even if they cost money to buy themselves. One in four respondents stated that this was the most important aspect to an app.

Men like their apps to help them avoid awkward situations - a third of male respondents said that they would download an app if it helped them to stop drunken calls, texts and the like.

When asked to name their dream app people wanted to be able to make lots of money, read minds and be able to teleport. Derren Brown can do two of these things already and he never really seems that happy.

Paul Trueman, LG's big boss man, said: “This research has provided us with some very interesting insights into the app likes and dislikes of the nation. There is clearly a huge appetite for the continued development of apps and a hunger for even more innovation".

LG commissioned the report to celebrate the launch of its Android based LG Optimus (GT540) which you can read all about here, if you so desire.