We thought the LG GD510, aka the Pop, was to be the massively popular LG Cookie's successor, but as the Korean phone co has just announced the launch of the LG Cookie Plus, it seems we were wrong.

Just announced in Korea, the LG Cookie Plus, or GS500, is described as a slick new handset with social networking features and replaces the 10-million-plus selling Cookie in LG's mass market touchscreen phone line-up.

Spec-wise all we know is that the Cookie Plus will get a 3-megapixel camera with digital zoom, MPEG 4 video, MP3 audio playback support and an FM tuner.

The phone gets Facebook, Twitter and Flickr support, LG's LiveSquare contact management and an "Editable Screenshot MMS" feature, aimed at the kids, that easily adds writing to pics and will let them sext or cyber-bully their peers with ease.

"To build on the success of the original Cookie, says LG, it plans to offer "a full batch of new Cookie handsets in 2010", stating that "the new line of affordable touchscreen phones, to be unveiled over the next few months, will offer something to suit a variety of ages and tastes".

The LG Cookie Plus will be rolled out globally to 45 countries beginning with France and Italy in early March. We've no UK specific info at this stage as launch here is not yet on the cards, but we'll keep you posted.