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(Pocket-lint) - LG has revealed its goal for 2010 - to sell 140 million handsets across the globe, which would work out as a 20% increase year-on-year, in a bid to become one of the top two mobile device manufacturers in the world by 2012.

As well as looking to the developing world - where 100 LG retail stores were opened in 2009 - LG has revealed plans for a home market push in Korea as well as into the North American market where it says it wants "to be recognised as a provider of innovative, customised smartphones".

LG promises to be a "vigorous, highly competitive presence in the mobile world this year" and will unleash as many as 20 smartphones including Android, Windows Mobile and Linux variants.

"Hopes are especially high for Android phones", says LG in a press release, with such devices expected to make up more than half of all LG's new smartphone releases. LG has so far not been a big player in the Android device marketplace.

So what can we look forward to? In the first half of the year it seems LG wants to lure users in with easy-to-use smartphones aimed squarely at first-time owners before, later in 2010, offering "premium handsets with cutting-edge designs".

On the content side of things, LG has revealed it is to launch a new service that will let users buy content for their phones, PCs and TVs without converting to different formats.

The "3 Screen Service", as it's called, is due to debut in February (likely at the Mobile World Congress event) with the launch of a new device supporting the 3-Way Sync tech, for "seamless viewing of all mobile, PC and web content over a wireless network".

"We are facing another revolutionary change in the mobile industry thanks to the rapid growth of smartphones and demand for more content and better services", says Dr. Skott Ahn, president and CEO of LG Mobile in the release.

"e will continue to make breakthroughs in 2010 as we strive to maintain our trendsetter status and become one of the global top two by 2012".

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott. Originally published on 13 January 2010.