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(Pocket-lint) - We knew that the Lenovo Legion gaming phone was going to be something else. Thanks to plenty of teases for the phone we'd already seen that the selfie camera was designed to pop out of the side, so you can chat and game at the same time.

But we didn't know quite how far Lenovo was going to go to create the ultimate phone for gamers. The thing that stands this phone apart is that it's been changed considerably to cater for those who will use it most of the time in landscape.

That not only explains the selfie camera on the side of the phone, but the fact that the rear cameras aren't stuck at the end of the phone, they're towards the centre. That means you're not going to be putting your fingers all over the lenses all the time.

LenovoLenovo Legion Duel photo 2

Yes, the exuberant styling - as well as emblazoned text reading "stylish outside" and "savage inside" - gives this phone some individuality as well as appealing to the sort of people who might want to have coloured LED lights inside their PC to highlight their GPU. Of course, there's RGB lighting on the rear of this phone too.

Talking of the innards, this phone debuts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, making this one of the most powerful phones of the year. It's backed by 12 or 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB storage. 

There's a 6.65-inch AMOLED display on the front which sticks to full HD+, but also offers a 144Hz refresh rate, another nod to gaming standards. 

To power the whole thing there is a 5000mAh battery capacity, split into two 2500mAh cells and supporting 90W fast charging. There's also two USB-C connections and using both you can fully charge the phone in 30 minutes. Splitting the battery has allowed Lenovo to put the SoC in the centre of the phone, so again, when you're gaming, you're also not gripping the hottest part of the phone.

The idea behind the side charging port is that you can game and charge at the same time, without having a plug sticking out into the middle of your hand. 

LenovoLenovo Legion Duel photo 4

There's going to be a software dashboard to control your phone, you'll get screen recording which you'll be able to overlay with your head and voiceover all at the same time, which will be compatible with common streaming apps. It'll even cut out the background, so you look like a pro.

The phone will also offer stereo sound, dual vibration engines and virtual ultrasonic triggers to help boost your gaming performance. 

The Lenovo Legion Duel - called Lenovo Legion Pro in China - will be launching in China first in July, but is then coming to other Asian, Latin American and European markets. There are currently no plans for a release in the US.

The price is yet to be confirmed, but this has jumped right to the top of our want list.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 22 July 2020.