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(Pocket-lint) - The Lenovo Legion gaming phone has been talked about for a good few months now, and it appears we're now getting closer to the launch. A slew of specs, images and features has been unearthed and together they paint a very intriguing picture. 

From a design perspective, the Legion gaming phone is going to be quite eye-catching. The leaked promotional imagery shows a device with patterns printed on the back, and a dual rear camera placed right in the centre of the phone, presumably to keep it out of reach when holding the phone with two hands in landscape mode. 

That's not the only feature optimised for landscape use either. One of the leaked frames from the video clearly shows a pop-up camera for selfies which pops up out of the right edge of the phone. 

As well as that the video which lead to this leak purportedly states that the phone will have "90W dual Type-C fast charge" with a 0-100 per cent charge time of just 30 minutes. 

XDA DevelopersLenovo Legion gaming phone to crazy fast 90W charging and side pop-up selfie camera image 3

If accurate that would surely make it the fastest charging phone on the planet, although, from the text it does sound as the you'll need to charge it from two separate USB-C connectors in order to achieve that speed. 

Like the ASUS ROG Phone II, then, that means it has two Type-C ports: one in the usual position and another on the side of the phone. 

To make that charging speed possible, the phone will also have a dual cell battery design, similar to Oppo's Find X2 Pro. It'll be 2,500mAh x2, which means 5,000mAh in total. 

The huge leak was published by the folks over at XDA Developers and indicates the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor and - like the OnePlus 8 Pro - will feature super fast LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 storage.

It's also rumoured to feature a 144Hz display at fullHD+ resolution, and feature 270Hz touch sampling rate for super responsive touch screen control. 

XDA DevelopersLenovo Legion gaming phone to crazy fast 90W charging and side pop-up selfie camera image 2

If that wasn't enough, the Legion phone apparently also features a powerful dual stereo speaker system made up of two 65mm speakers and a large sound cavity within the phone to amplify the sound. 

Lenovo, of course, isn't the first company to launch a 'gaming phone'. In fact, it's been something of a growing trend over the past few years. Chinese phone manufacturers like Xiaomi and ZTE jumped on the bandwagon early with their Black Shark and Red Magic sub-brands, and Asus is reportedly working on the third generation of its ROG Phone. 

These phones typically feature really powerful internals, with advanced cooling and - often - physicaly gamepads you snap on to reduce the need to use a touchscreen as well as custom touch-sensitive shoulder buttons. 

Lenovo's Legion phone is shaping up to be a bit of a beast, and one that's clearly designed to be used in landscape mode, not portrait like most non-gaming smartphones. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 5 May 2020.