Ever since Apple released its iPhone X there have been multiple manufacturers jumping on the notch bandwagon.

It seems the best solution for phones to have as much screen real estate on the front, while also offering a front-facing camera, facial recognition sensor, or both.

Lenovo, however, is about to do things different. It will reportedly unveil the Lenovo Z5 this summer, as shown in a couple of leaked images posted by @VenyaGeskin1. It is a phone that looks similar to the iPhone X but doesn't actually sport a notch at all.

In fact, it is claimed that the Z5 will have a 95 per cent screen-to-body ratio with nothing getting in the way, not even a larger bottom part of the bezel - usually called the "chin".


What that means when it comes to a front facing camera, we're nor sure. Maybe it will have a pop-up selfie camera much like a Vivo prototype that did the rounds earlier this year.

The Vivo Apex concept phone has a tiny camera unit and lens that extends out the top of the device when you want to take a front-facing photo. Maybe the Lenovo Z5 will be the same.

Either way, it is looking positive and a sign of things to come in handsets. Eventually they will be just screens we hold, with only software being the main identifier. And no notches. None at all.