Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? Actually, nobody is quite sure - so we'll go with the hybrid moniker phablet for now.

And it's a phablet that belongs to Lenovo, and one that has leaked out into the wide world web. A 5-inch device that will no doubt hope to take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

There's not much info on the leaked device, other than the fact that it will probably launch in the LePad range in Asia and as an IdeaPad model elsewhere.

On the leaked pictures it's possible to see a micro-USB port, a front-facing camera and a HDMI out and there's some physical looking Android buttons on board, suggesting a Gingerbread device rather than a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich one.

Recently, Pocket-lint told you how a Lenovo 10.1-inch power-house could be launching very soon with a scoop of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system thrown into the mix.

Busy times for Lenovo then, as it attempts to play catch up in the Android tablet arena.