Intel is to launch its Moorestown Atom platform for MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) sometime early next year and we got a sneak peak at an upcoming device from Taiwanese OEM Wistron.

The un-named device was on display at the Ericsson booth at the Taiwan Broadband show and the reason for this is simple, Intel is co-operating with Ericsson to bring HSDPA data modules to Moorestown based MIDs.

Although the device on display was only a mock-up, it filled us with a lot more confidence in Atom-based MIDs as a whole, as so far most of them have been anything but impressive. It offers a very large widescreen display and the overall design is very similar to the recently launched BL40 Chocolate from LG.

With the beefed up hardware comparable to most smartphones, the Wistron MID should appeal to those that want a pocketable computer, as it’s slim enough to fit in most jacket pockets at least. It offers a USB port, a microSD card slot and interestingly a micro HDMI port which allows it to be connected to external displays.

It also has a 5-megapixel camera, a top mounted headset jack, Bluetooth, presumably Wi-Fi and of course HSDPA data connectivity. Judging by the design, Wistron has added phone functionality, as there’s what appears to be an earpiece at the top of the device and at the bottom are a pair of buttons for initiating and ending calls.

It’s too early to draw any conclusions, but it looks like next year might very well bring some very interesting MIDs for those that are looking for something a bit more powerful than a smartphone, but don’t want the bulk of carrying around a netbook.