ARM, the microchip manufacturer whose hardware powers many mobile devices, has told us that it isn't taking rival Intel lightly.

"We take Intel very seriously," said Vincent Korstanje, vice-president of segment marketing at ARM, in an interview with Pocket-lint. 

"Intel has always made their intention to enter the mobile market clear," he continued, "but we see that ARM is one to two generations ahead."

Devices such as the Orange San Diego, with Intel at the core, have just come to market, but are punching in the affordable mid-range, while ARM is still firmly sitting among the likes of the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and the Nexus 7.

Although Intel has a lot of experience in powering PCs, Korstanje is quietly confident, with names like Qualcomm, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Nvidia being silicon partners on ARM.

"Although a serious company [Intel] we have something special in the ARM ecosystem," says Korstanje.