Possibly good news for fans of Nokia wondering when their next flagship model will hit. Intel has confirmed to Pocket-lint that there will be a MeeGo powered Moorestown mobile phone on sale in the UK by the end of 2010.

"You will see MeeGo Moorestown devices by the end of 2010", Pankaj Kedia, director, global ecosystem programs, mobile internet devices at Intel told Pocket-lint, in a quick one-to-one at the launch of the new mobile focused processor from the company.

Althoug there wasn't 100% confirmation that a device will be made by Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone maker is currently the only other player in the MeeGo platform, suggesting it is planning on launching a new handset later this year using the Linux based operating system.

MeeGo, formally announced at Mobile World Congress by Intel and Nokia, merges Moblin and Maemo, two linux platforms together. Nokia hasn't as yet officially confirmed a timeline or confirmation that it will be making handsets and declined to comment on this story.

It seems someone let the cat out the bag a little too early.

UPDATE: Nokia has got back to us with the following comment:

"In terms of devices, we can only speak on behalf of Nokia (vs. the other MeeGo participants) and what we've said publicly around this is that we expect to achieve our product milestone for our first MeeGo device by the end of this year."