Intel is promising phone makers that its new Moorestown processor, now dubbed the Intel Atom Z-Series, will be able to offer handsets that can last up to 10 days without charge.

The chip maker has detailed more information on its Moorestown processor, designed for mobile phones and tablets, as it officially launches its new mobile processor ready for mobile manufacturers to embrace. 

Claiming to give mobile makers the power of a computer in a mobile phone rather than the other way around, the new processor will focus on saving power so you can use it for what is currently unfeasible lengths of time.

intel phones with 10 day battery life here by end of year image 7

A prototype phone that has Moorestown inside

Realising that more and more people use the latest phones for stuff other than just making phone calls (although they do that too), Intel is promising the processor will offer around 10 days of standby, 6 hours of 3G talk time and 2 full days of continuous music playback from a single charge.

At the techie level, the company says that these new performance levels are possible because it has worked out how to turn on specific elements of the chip for the task at hand rather than powering up everything.

"It's like walking into a house and only turning the lights on in the rooms you need rather than every room in the house", Ticky Thakkar, an Intel Fellow, told Pocket-lint explaining how the new Atom Z-6xx chipset works.

Staying coy at the moment about how the new processor will perform against the competition from chip manufacturers like ARM, Intel is currently saying nothing more than it is "in the zone" for power, while it believes it leads on performance, after internally testing the new chip against the top five smartphones available on the market.

But it's not just about lasting longer than a single day without the need for finding a power socket. Intel is hoping to allow manufacturers keen to become the king of the mobile phone world with a series of built in multimedia functions and support as well.

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The processor goes up to 1.5Ghz for mobiles and 1.9Ghz for tablets

Out of the box any handset sporting the processor will get speeds up to 1.5Ghz for mobile devices and 1.9Ghz for tablets, it will have strong graphics processing support, the ability to run multiple 5-megapixel camera sensors (for video calling), HDMI out, and 1080p playback for videos.

Operating systems supported will be Android and Intel's own newly created Linux platform - MeeGo, however not Windows phone 7 or Windows 7 although "that is expected" eventually.

The new processor is expected to find its way into mobile phones commercially available in the UK by the second half of 2010.