Huawei, a Chinese company that as far as consumers go, produces 3G modems, USB modems and as of late, an Android handset, has announced plans to launch a 56Mbps HSPA+ commercial solution in 2010.

The new solution will mean operators can offer download speeds twice that of speeds available today, says the company.

"Advances in mobile broadband, particularly record breaking data speeds and capacity of HSPA networks, have had a profound impact on the telecom industry and demonstrate the enormous potential of UMTS/HSPA", said Wan Biao, president of wireless at Huawei.

"This 56Mbps HSPA+ solution will enable operators to maintain their industry leading positions and provide consumers with an evermore attractive mobile broadband experience".

Huawei claims the solution will mean operators currently using Huawei's fourth gen and 38xx series base stations, can "smoothly evolve" their legacy networks to 56Mbps HSPA+ networks via software upgrades alone.