3 has announced it is to offer a "mobile Wi-Fi" service - known as "MiFi" - in the UK in time for Christmas this year.

With a Huawei-made wireless modem (just smaller than a mobile phone and rechargeable via USB) the service lets users get Wi-Fi wherever there's a 3 network signal.

The modem works as a router of sorts, and sends out a Wi-Fi signal that lets users connect a range (usually up to 5) Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.

"Using Mobile Wi-Fi from 3, consumers can connect to the internet wherever they have a 3 signal, whether at home or on the move. They can download a track onto their iPod touch, or tweet their latest updates to their mates, or both. Either way it’s simple to set-up, without the need for wires", says a 3 exec.

3 says pricing, including how access will be charged, will be announced closer to launch. We will keep you posted.