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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei was one of the first to showcase a folding phone early 2019 - the Mate X; that phone was updated with the Mate Xs and now details about the successor have appeared.

Said to be codenamed "Teton" the Mate X2 is thought to have an inward folding display. The original Mate X had the display wrapped around the exterior, but it now looks like Huawei might be looking to a design similar to Samsung's Galaxy Fold.

We'd previously heard something about this design from patents that Huawei had filed, along with the name Mate V, which has apparently been trademarked. That's not stopped two reliable sources referring to it as the Mate X2 - and it makes sense to us to continue with this naming.

Little else is known about this phone at the moment, except that it's said to use a CPI display cover - that's colourless polyimide film, rather than Ultra-Thin Glass, which is Samsung's display topping of choice on its most recent folding phones. That's one thing that has been confirmed - that Samsung Display will be providing the panel for this phone.

Huawei has long been one of the most aggressive smartphone companies when it comes to pushing forward new technologies and its experimentation with folding phones is a huge part of that.

The company has had a lot of attention over the past year surrounding its positioning with the US government, the biggest outcome being that Huawei has been ramping up its own services to replace those often supplied by Google in Android phones.

Huawei's troubles seem to be growing, however, with reports that it's running out the hardware it needs to manufacture its Kirin chips. While companies like Samsung have faced opposition over its Exynos hardware, Huawei's recent Kirin hardware has been widely lauded for its performance.   

That might mean that Huawei has to source its hardware elsewhere - with MediaTek being the obvious contender that springs to mind - although it's said that Qualcomm is trying to step into that position

Currently the timeline for a new folding phone is unknown, although we're expecting Huawei's next device launches to take place in October 2020.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 10 August 2020.