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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing like an event to stoke the imagination when it comes to technology, whether you're talking about smartphones, tablets, laptops or anything else.

Huawei's one of those amazing companies that does a bit of everything - if you wanted,you could take calls on your Huawei smartphone through Huawei earbuds, watch a movie on your Huawei tablet and then get some work done on a Huawei laptop, all of them at the absolute peak of the market in terms of quality. 

This year, Huawei's got a Developer Webinar planned for 6 August, and it looks to be one of the most interesting windows into what the company is planning that we've got in ages. We've gathered everything you need to know about what's going on, right here - plus you can watch the livestream below at 8:00AM ET. 

All about commerce through livestreaming

Huawei is hosting an hour long seminar for viewers on 6 August and it’s all themed around integrating livestream into e-commerce, which is increasingly crucial to the way that many of us live our lives, now more than ever. 

Shopping digitally has been massive for years now, but this year's been a great illustration of how important it can be when regular commerce isn't as easy as normal. 

The seminar, which you can watch live by registering right here, has a full title of 'The Huawei Developer Webinar | Connect LIVEs with E-commerce', and it's going to launch an all-new e-commerce livestreaming solution that Huawei says should be pretty significant for the sector, uniting all of its Huawei Mobile Services platforms in one place. 

It's not often that you get the chance to both lower your operating costs and increase your traffic as an e-commerce retailer, so when Huawei says that both are possible it'll have a lot of people excited. 

As Peter Gauden, the Head of western EU ecosystem marketing at Huawei Consumer Business Group, told us, "with more consumers and vendors converting to live commerce streaming to sell and buy products, e-commerce is continuing its rapid growth and represents an increasingly large section of the global retail industry."

An interactive event and prizes

Audience members will be able to participate in a real-time live comments section that will ensure that the event is a fully interactive one even in these times of remote contact.

In fact, right now there's a chance to participate in a survey that Huawei is running alongside the webinar, which enters respondents into a prize draw including amazing rewards like a brand new Huawei P40 Pro smartphone. It's designed to work out what the key barriers are to integrating live commerce and what developers want from the event.

This e-commerce launch is just one part of the ever-improving landscape that Huawei's carving out for its AppGallery ecosystem, and should, therefore, be exciting to anyone interested in Huawei's amazing devices. 

Register for the seminar right here to find out all the news as it comes out, and to be among the very first to witness the launch of Huawei's amazing new platform.