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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei has hit out at the "groundless criticism" around Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G rollout. 

But the note seems bizarrely timed given the current state of world affairs and the rumpus over 5G conspiracy theories, plus the potential backlash against a Chinese company in the present climate.

And let's not forget the heated debate that led up to the UK Government's decision to let UK telcos keep using Huawei gear for 5G - as you'll probably know, UK mobile networks use Huawei gear extensively.

The UK Government green light for Huawei's 5G role was pretty much rubber-stamping the status quo - it would have cost companies like BT/EE billions to take out the equipment - even if networks can now only use up to 35 per cent of their gear from Huawei and other 'potentially risky' vendors. 

The letter from Huawei vice president Victor Zhang plays on Huawei's role alongside mobile networks in keeping the UK connected in the present climate. "Right now, by keeping Britain online, we are able to play our part in helping the country through this difficult period."

"To support the effort, we’ve set up three new warehouses and are redistributing key spare parts around the country to ensure continuity of supply."

Zhang also talks up Huawei's role in enabling better connectivity in areas still in a 'digital slow lane'. Which is great, but it's odd timing to make that point now. 

On the criticism, notably from MPs who had concerns that were ignored, Zhang says: "We have built trust in our UK business over 20 years by helping our customers – the mobile network operators – provide consumers with affordable, reliable calls and data. 

"Despite this, there has been groundless criticism from some about Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G rollout. And there are those who choose to continue to attack us without presenting any evidence. Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice.

"In my experience, the UK has always chosen to work together with the frontrunners in any field, whether they come from the US, China or Europe. Huawei’s technology is among the most advanced in this field and we want to use it to bring people together wherever they are and whoever they are.

"When we emerge from this crisis, we look forward to continuing to play our role as a key partner in improving the networks, benefiting the economy and ultimately everyone in the UK, ending the postcode lottery of good connectivity.

"Right now, by keeping Britain online, we are able to play our part in helping the country through this difficult period."

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 14 April 2020.