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(Pocket-lint) - With the lid on the P40 series now lifted, we know it'll come in three flavours - the P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro+ - as outlined in our everything you need to know feature.

But a key part to the P series has always been the colour options and finishes. The P30 brought Breathing Crystal and other gradient designs to the fore. So what does Huawei have in store for 2020 with the P40 series?

Huawei P40: The gradient is gone!

  • Seven different colour options in total
    • Three glass-backed options for P40
    • Two matte-touch extras for Pro
    • Two ceramic options for Pro+

First thing's first: the gradient trend is over. There's no Breathing Crystal, no Amber Sunrise, no Aurora. None of that at all.

Instead the P40 will be available in three main colours, with two extras added for the P40 Pro, while the P40 Pro+ is only available in two ceramic finishes.

The Pro and Pro+ models will also feature an Overflow Display, which is curved to all four sides, giving the effect that there's almost no bezel whatsoever. It's impressive to behold.

P40: Three colour options

  • Ice White, Black, DeepSea Blue
  • Glass-backed design

The standard P40 comes in white, black and blue finishes, all of which are glass-backed.

The black isn't charcoal black by any means, and has a hint of grey about it.

The white has a sort of shimmering pearlescent look to it - catch it in the right light and it'll show rainbow-like colours.

The blue, meanwhile, is pretty much as it says on the tin: blue with a hint of sea-like green. Lovely stuff.

P40 Pro: Adds two matte-finish options

  • Silver Frost and Blush Gold
  • Glass back with matte-touch finish
  • Designed to be more fingerprint resistant

Here's where things get a bit more interesting, as the Pro model adds a silver/grey finish and a sort-of peachy-gold finish too.

While both of these are still glass-backed designs, Huawei says they have a matte-to-touch finish, which it claims is more fingerprint resistant than the normal handsets. Interesting.

P40 Pro+: Ceramic finish only

  • Black ceramic, White ceramic
  • 'Nanotech ceramic back'
  • Sapphire strength

Lastly there's a ceramic finish, in either black or white, which is exclusively for the P40 Pro Plus. Huawei tells us this "nanotech ceramic back" is comprised of ceramic beads, which are compressed at high pressure, then kilned at 1500 degrees Celsius for five days, creating a sapphire-strength rear with a reflective index "similar to diamond".

The black is truly charcoal, the white like staring into an Arctic horizon, as these finishes surely look to be the most interesting of the lot. Just how strong they will really be, however, we'll have to wait and find out when we receive a handset.

Price differences?

  • P40: €799 / Release date: 7 April
  • P40 Pro: €999 / Release date: 7 April
  • P40 Pro+: €1399 / Release date TBC

Of course the P40 is the more affordable, the Pro more expensive, and the Pro+ the priciest of the lot - partly thanks to that ceramic finish, no doubt.

Whether all three handsets will arrive in all regions is also up for question, too, as the lack of Google Services means a lack of European staple apps at present, which is likely to limit the appeal of these handsets... as pretty as they may look!

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 16 March 2020.